The SPB System™

The SPB System™(Simplified Precast Building System) simplify the construction of IBS project . It can cater for the various types of building as stated above by way of picking and configuring the required few types of precast concrete component from a standard pool of precast component to form the basic 5 types of IBS module

The standard pool of precast component are :

Load Bearing Wall Insitu / Precast Column Beam-Wall
Half Slab Hollowcore Wall Double T Slab
Beam Staircase Inverted T Beam

*Creative may not produce all the precast component as stated above and may collaborate with other precast manufacturer which supplies some of them.


The 5 types of IBS module can be best illustrated by the following videos:

  SPB System™ Short Span Frame Module
  SPB System™ Long Span Frame Module
  SPB System™ Beam Wall Module
  SPB System™ Load Bearing Wall Module
  Precast Frame System for Factory Module


Depending on the type of building, the appropriate IBS module will be selected and applied for the project.


The characteristics of SPB system™ are :
Very simple proven IBS System
Common precast component
Flexibility in component choices
Possible for on-site manufacturing
Comparatively using smaller crane
Ease in site installation & management


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